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Enterprise App Development And The Associated Challenges

Enterprise App Development And The Associated Challenges

Enterprises are now adopting mobile technologies and techniques at an unparalleled rate. With that increase, lots of mobile application developers will be called upon to make internal mobile enterprise applications. These apps have lots of considerations and requirements that differ from a typical app that is destined for public app stores. Today we will have a look at the top challenges related to enterprise app development and share tips about how to meet all these challenges:

  • Security
  • Choosing a Development Technologies
  • User Interface

1. Security

This leads to our ranking due to its indubitable importance. Here is a small list of safety tips:

  • Authentication
    It is possibly the weakest place in the apps due to the need to offer user credentials, like login and passwords. In the short time available in fast development, it’s quite challenging to employ a secure authentication schedule from scratch. While Incorporating with enterprise LDAP, the directory is generally necessary to guarantee proper authentication. This also offers the ease of SSO (single-sign-on) across all the enterprise apps.

  • Encrypting data
    If it stored on the mobile device, then It will be great to keep sensitive data encrypted. Usually is accomplished with a secure container that protects the enterprise app in cases where the devices are compromised or lost.
  • Server-side validation
    It’s more reliable and more comfortable to implement significant validations and checks on the server instead of on the client’s side. Such an approach has two benefits viz.; app performance will be slowed by complex validation.
    And logic will be current will always be the same due to its on a central server – bug fix, including security fix, can be immediately applied without the need to update the application itself, as the logic is present on the server.

2. Choosing Between Native vs. HTML5 

Choosing which app development technology to utilize can be a significant challenge, under any situation, but there are some special considerations with the enterprises. For lots of enterprises, there is an increasing backlog of small, internally facing applications that will build efficiently and quickly. Before deciding which the most excellent approach is, let’s have a look at technology approaches currently available.

The two key approaches are hybrid/HTML5 and native. Both have their pros and cons.

If your application is targeting iOS only and you have the budget, skills, and time, it can be easily built as native, using Objective C to gain better performance and full access to the native features. It is a truly rare situation, however, due to BYOD policies. You must anticipate the need to support a range of mobile devices.

HTML5 is gaining momentum constantly and becoming popular increasingly. It is estimating that 90% of enterprise apps will be Hybrid or HTML5 in 2015, and 10% only will be native.

Therefore, for enterprise apps, the advantages of HTML5 when it comes to cost, portability across platforms, and time-to-market overshadow the diminishing benefits of native development.

3. User Interface

The enterprise apps are used by employees typically within the organization. Thus, for these apps, the functionality will beat “beauty” insignificance almost always. Certain fundamentals might not meet – aesthetics always will be imperative – but often, in the cases of enterprise applications, outstanding usability comes before the aesthetic concerns. People now are using the enterprise apps to become better at their work, and they all will more intensely appreciate an application for making their work simpler than for how cool it looks.

Emphasize, intuitiveness is the key to making a successful and excellent enterprise app. One method to do so is through the usage of icons as they can be an excellent foundation for creating natural and useful mobile UI. You can use them to explain any button’s functionality immediately. Also, don’t just forget that you, too, can override the hardware buttons. Doing so can surely add more intuitiveness to your app navigation.

With this article, you now know what kind of challenges enterprise web application development can face and also what type of software development teams you should look to hire.

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